Regular activities of the UMUS are exercised through the operations of the Assembly, Presidency and their commissions. These include as follows: acceptance of new members, granting of the independent artist’s status, granting of the yearly UMUS Prize, participation in the projects of the Ministry of culture of Serbia and of the Secretariat of culture of Belgrade, organizing of concerts for the members, issuing of professional licenses, of various certificates and letters of recommendation, collection of membership fee, follow-up and implementation of all book-keeping, financial and legal regulations related to the operation of the Association, etc.
The Association is a member of the Coordination Committee of 13 artistic associations, in which it participates through its representative (the President or some other member nominated by the UMUS Presidency). In this way, the Association is involved in resolving the essential matters, such as financing of the independent artist’s status, financing of work of the Association, and other important issues – common to all the Associations drawn together into the Coordination Committee.