The Association of the Music Artists of Serbia – the UMUS was established on April 7, 1946 in the presence of 20 music artists, as an Association of the Reproduction Artists-Musicians of Serbia. As to our knowledge, it was one of the first independent organizations of the music artists in the World. There was the time when there were determined the goals and assignments of the Association: participation in the cultural and artistic activities, elevation of musical education of the audience, advance training of the members, protection of their performance copyrights, enabling the young artist to advance their performance capabilities. The Association has organized so far numerous cycles of concerts of their members, both in Belgrade (Kolarac's Legacy Concert Hall, Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, Gallery of frescoes, National Museum Hall, Vracar Centre of Culture, Vuk Karadžic Centre of Culture, Music School Stankovic, Music School Mokranjac, Old Port Authority House in Zemun, Assembly of the City of Belgrade), and in other towns of Serbia (Kragujevac, Zajecar, Šabac, Kruševac, Trstenik, Valjevo, Zrenjanin, Novi Sad, Niš…), as well as the concert cooperation among the former Federal Republics and foreign countries.
The Association has participated in numerous donation and humanitarian music events, in the capacities of the performer and the organizer.
In December 1964, there was set in circulation the Magazine called Pro muzika. There have been published 165 regular issues and tens of the special issues. In the year 1970, there was established the UMUS Award for the best music-interpretation achievement during the season, received so far by the most eminent artists. Since 2001, there has been also granted the Lifetime Achievements Award and the Award to the young artist (till the age of 30). The UMUS Award is regularly granted at the occasion of the Association’s Day (April 7th) in the cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia.
In 1983 the UMUS (along with the other artists’ associations) has been proclaimed, by the legal provision, a body competent to take care of the independent artists. This status, till this day, to more than 170 members, mostly young music artists.
The Association has succeeded, owing to the joint action of several artists’ associations and unions, to incorporate in the legal provisions the precise performer’ right and exemption of the artists form paying the customs fees for the import of music instruments.
At the initiative of the UMUS, in 1950 there was established the Union of Music Artists of Yugoslavia.
The UMUS is one of the sixteen prominent institutions and organizations, which founded the The Mokranjac’s Legacy on December 27, 2005, the scope of which is protection and promotion of the work of Mr. Stevan Stojanovic Mokranjac both in this country and abroad.
The Association has 352 members. It is a non-profit organization, subsidized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia. The Association cooperates with the Secretariat of Culture of the City of Belgrade (independent artists, concerts of the UMUS members, and the like), as well as with all the relevant institutions and individuals in the field of culture.

Members-Founders of the UMUS in 1946

Rea Aserovic
Aleksej Butakov
Bruno Brun
Bogomir Gorse
Milan Dimitrijevic
Mirko Dorner
Meri Zezelj
Lazar Marjanovic
Olga Mihailovic
Ljudevit Pap
Josip Pikelj
Olga Popov
Andreja Preger
Fjodor Selinski
Vladimir Slatin
Jakov Srejovic
Milica Stojadinovic
Vidosava Todorovic
Ivan Tursic
Emil Hajek

Presidents of the UMUS from 1946 to 2005

Emil Hajek (1946-1948)
Lazar Marjanovic (1948-1951)
Predrag Milosevic (1951-1953)
Zivojin Zdravkovic (1953-1955)
Oskar Danon (1955-1957)
Lazar Marjanovic (1957-1963)
Djura Jaksic (1963-1968)
Dusan Trbojevic (1968-1970)
Josip Pikelj (1970-1973)
Jovan Gligorijevic (1973-1977)
Milenko Stefanovic (1977-1980)
Radivoje Spasic (1980-1981)
Jovan Jovicic (1981-1982)
Ernest Azkun (1982-1984)
Dusan Miladinovic (1984-1990)
Gordana Jevtovic (1990-1993)
Ljubomir Dimitrijevic (1993-1995)
Petar Ivanovic (1995-2003)
Dragoslav - Pavle Aksentijevic (2003-2004)
(from 2004 to 2005 the acting President was Vladimir Milic)
Vladimir Milic since April 3, 2005.